Thursday, 5 November 2015

Day 1: Complete

Day one was quite an adventure.  I got up at a reasonable hour after a decent night's sleep and headed to the dojo.  Through texting I connected with a fellow karateka who I asked to be my tori when I heard he was helping someone else.  We, and a few others went for breakfast and then headed over to the dojo to be on time.

Then the waiting began.

There were quite a few challenging a number of different ranks on this day which made for a lot of waiting.  Time to let your brain get completely messed up about the things you think you don't know or the things you may have forgotten.

I think the biggest challenge when advancing is to try and stay calm and collected.  Find the mushin.

My turn came and I stepped onto the floor.  I was nervous and had a little trouble remembering to breathe but I feel like I eventually settled down and performed reasonably well. 

Day 2 should be easier since it is mostly just a clinic, I think and while I will likely get picked on it will be more interactive and less a presentation which will help me stay more calm.

More tomorrow.

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