Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Mission Complete/Started

My intention was to make my karate blog a running story of my trip while I was there but there just never seemed to be time to update it while I was a way so I'm going to finish off this trip with a final update.

I was successful in grading to Yondan, 4th degree black belt for people who are not familiar with karate world.

That, however, pales by comparison with the opportunity to train and learn from some of the senior Sensei's in Canada.  While the entire weekend was a phenomenal experience the highlights were definitely the kumite clinic with Sensei Germain Bisson and the Fundamentals (my word) Clinic by Sensei Romualdo Ferri.

The kumite clinic was inspiring and Sensei Bisson's energy was infectious.  I hope I can bring some of that energy and inspiration back to our club to make it even better than it is now.

The fundamentals clinic really put a number of things in perspective as Sensei focused on the seichusen and the tanden and I hope that I can incorporate that into my training.  It's going to be a lot of hard work but I think it will be worth it.

While I love my club and I love my sensei, sometimes you need a different point of view to tell you exactly the same information but in a different way in order for the information to finally click in to your brain.

Now my journey begins again.

Train hard and train often.

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